Harlequin Knights

First Run

Escape from Hellhound dungeon!

>>Hey guys, Cthulhu here. I’ll keep a short record of what’s happened in our previous runs, so you don’t forget. Wiz?

You met me and Oyakata, bluffed our way by a police barricade, broke into an Universal Omnitech laboratory, I got shot, you killed some rent-a-cops, we released a researcher named Dr. Thaddeus Wagner, you fought some hellhounds, blew past said police barricade (injuring officers and blowing up cars), then wrestled with Renraku, and I had a snack, then we went to the hospital.

Oh yeah, I found out about that Renraku guy. His name is Adrian Black. You’re welcome!<<

-Cthulhu (02:01:52/04-11-60)



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