Adrian Black

Renraku Head of Security, Seattle Division


Age: 42
Eyes: brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6’1"
Race/Nationality: Orc Caucasian

This ork looks to have had extensive plastic surgery to make his features more human, but some signs are still there of his mutation such as a slight overbite. Polished image and wears the most expensive suits someone in his position can afford.


Adrian Black crawled his way up though the company as a wage slave, and has ambition. He doesn’t care if the shadowruners he’s hunting down are guilty of any crime or not, they will be sitting in a corporate cell or dead if he has anything to do with it, they are only a stepping stone to him. He works directly under Dr. Sherman Huang, previous manager of Renraku in Seattle, and is completely loyal to Renraku and zealously works towards their interests.

Adrian Black

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