Cthulhu (Odessa Bayraktar)

SIN-Less Decker Street Urchin


Sex: female
Age: 13
Hair: Green/Blue/Red (originally brown)
Eyes: multi-color w/ designs (originally brown)
Height: 4’6"
Race: Human (Turkish)

A girl of Turkish descent with a slight frame. Her datajack is an older model and looks a little too large. She keeps her hair streaked in glowing RGB dye, and wears contacts that shift colors at random or make designs. She often wears street clothes, contradicting poli-club pins, and heavy makeup.


This young and talented decker was found by Oyakata at age 11 working for the Vory (Russian Mafia). He bought her from the mafia to get her out of her situation and legally adopted her when it was apparent that she would not stay with a foster family. Since then, to keep her busy and out of trouble he’s given her small jobs hacking into public nets, but she has grown restless.

Her reputation on the matrix was due from her time working for Vory. She seemed to have her tentacles everywhere, and popped up in the most unlikely places. She’s even fried a few deckers on orders from Vory, the combination of traits earning her the moniker “Cthulhu”.

Cthulhu (Odessa Bayraktar)

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