Dr. X (Dr. Xavier Perdix)

Street Doctor


Age: mid 40s
Hair: Brown
Eyes: cyber
Height: 6’5"

Dr. X is a humorless and emotionally disconnected man. He has state of the art albeit utilitarian cyber eyes and different unrecognizable implants in his head, and a cyber arm with articulate appendages for smaller work. He will perk up a little if new advances in bio-engineering, cyber-ware, or genetics are brought up.


Little is know about this street doc other than his SIN was burned by a vindictive corporation. Rumor has it that he dabbled in forbidden biotech or that he worked for a black ops governmental research project, but both rumors are unfounded. He’s worked in the barrens for the past three years and has a reputation among Shadowruners as professional and discrete.

Dr. X (Dr. Xavier Perdix)

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