Oyakata (Watanabe Yuta)

The Fixer


Age: 95
Eyes: brown
Hair: white
Height: 5’6"
Race/Nationality: human Japanese

A slim Japanese man with old wire frame glasses and good posture, Oyakata seems to fill a room with his presence despite his small frame. He is often warm and hardly raises his voice, but seems to be able to stop even the largest troll with a steely glance.


Oyakata is a legend among fixers. There seems to be no record of him before the crash of 2029, but he will openly talk about coming to America with his late wife in the 80’s to start his book shop. There are rumors such that he use to be a company man, a spy, or in special forces, but he will always change the subject when asked. Oyakata is well regarded by Shadowrunners, and often set as the prime example of what a fixer should be. He’s been semi-retired for the past couple of years, but there are rumors he’s been active of late.

Oyakata (Watanabe Yuta)

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