Bones the Motherfracking Troll

Big, Stupid and Ugly Cyborg Troll


An eighteen year old troll with purplish colored skin. He loves to stab things with his retractable spur, whip things to hell, or shoot things dead with either his Ares Viper Slivergun or his Ingrum Valiant. He also has a stun baton…for some reason. This guy is full of tech, so much so that he is more machine now than troll. He’s got titanium bone lacing, Cybernetic ears that have a dampener and can hear both higher and lower frequencies than humans. He also has Cybernetic eyes that have flare compensation, low-light vision, thermographic vision, protective lenses and two levels of vision magnification. Did you seriously think that was it? Well, you’re even stupider than Bones…wow that is really saying something. He has two cybernetic arms that have smartlink enabled, retractable spurs and a fingerblade compartment to hold his monofilament whip. He always wears an armored jacket over an armored vest, as well as some ultra stylish shades. Where the hell did he get the money for all this crap? He’s a goddamn troll!


Um…he’s probably too stupid to really know much…he likes shiny things…yep…oh and his real name is actually Herman.

Bones the Motherfracking Troll

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